What is in-app messaging and how to innovatively use it?

What is in-app messaging and how to innovatively use it?
If we look at the progress that the world has made in the past couple of decades, it is astonishing. It has been made possible

If we look at the progress that the world has made in the past couple of decades, it is astonishing. It has been made possible by advancements in technology. Just like technology has facilitated every aspect of life, it has made communications very easy. With so many options, mediums, and ways to communicate, choosing the right one is tricky.

In-app Messaging
In-app Messaging

In-app messaging is an example of the mediums used by businesses all around the world to communicate with users. It is being used as an effective marketing strategy to provide the results that make a business grow and stand out from the rest.

Here is everything you need to know about in-app messaging

What is in-app messaging?

In-app messaging is a marketing strategy that strives to facilitate users when they are out with your business application or a website. It is effective for both mobile applications and desktop applications. The main purpose of in-app messaging is to provide better customer services. Better customer care ultimately translates into higher customer retention which is the ultimate goal for any business.

What is in-app Messaging
What is in-app Messaging

How does in-app messaging work?

In-app messaging works by displaying pop-up messages when an application is being used by users. Mobile in-app messaging targets users on different occasions such as:

  • When new users install the application
  • When new features are added
  • While introducing new products OR
  • Announcing discounts and offers

When new users install an application, in-app messaging helps them understand the different features and working of the app. If new features are added to the application, you can easily convey the changes you made to your target audience. 

How Does In-app Messaging Work
How Does In-app Messaging Work

Why is in-app messaging important?

One of the main reasons that new users abandon an application is because they can’t navigate to different functions and features of the app. In-app messaging at this point works as a customer retention strategy to help customers understand how to use the app. If you add new features, announce new products, or offer discounts, you will not see much growth in sales without making your users aware of them through in-app messaging.

How to use in-app messaging innovatively?

Here is how you can turn the interface of your app into an in-app messaging platform and use it for the benefit of your business. 

Here are a few ways you can use in-app messaging innovatively.

Provide better on-boarding experience

On-boarding is the first time users come into contact with you and your application after installing. It is the right time to impress them with your step-by-step guide to use the application. Help them get to know the app and make the feature learning process easier for them. If you are able to get it right the first time, you can increase your customer retention rate by more than 50%.

Boost customer engagement

When other traditional ways of marketing such as email marketing, Search Engine Optimization, or advertisements fail, in-app messaging does wonders. Due to some reason, if certain users are not accessible by you, you can utilize in-app messaging to enhance customer engagement. You can even use this strategy to target them with advertisements or any other form of targeting.

Boost Customer Engagement
Boost Customer Engagement

Retarget with customized offers

Another way for you to get in touch with dormant users is retargeting through in-app messaging. Get every detail about their previous interactions with the app. Knowing what they loved to use or buy will put you in a better place to customize an offer that they can’t refuse. You can choose any of the products they previously bought and target them with an exclusive time-limited discount. Sooner or later, they will get the urge to buy the product.

Encourage customers to be your brand ambassadors

The right content at the right time to the right people is the key to convert customers into your brand advocates. You can collect feedback in an interactive way and offer them rewards for completing surveys. By doing this you can encourage them to share your products or your experience at the application on their social media handles. Once they do that, not only will they bring new customers to you, they will prove their loyalty to your brand.